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Golden Riviera

The beautiful and serene place for your carefree retired life!

The golden riviera was conceived so that you are able to discover the peace inside of you... So that that peace can bring about the transformation and rejunivation you need to get ahead in life...

You Have Fought Your Battles.
Without The Time To Nurse Your Wounds.

You Have Been The Provider.
Without Providing Enough For Yourself.

You Lived Your Life.
Without Living It Fully.

Now, Reclaim Your Life!

Experience Fulfillment, Expand Yourselves,
Discover, Enjoy, Love & Spread Joy.
Relive Your Lost Moments.
And This Time It Is All Yours!

Discover Life As It Should Be At The “Golden Years At Golden Riviera”

Serene Retirement Homes On The ECR Near Mahabalipuram.

Nature is wonderful. Nature is beautiful. Nature is magnificent. Nature is healing. Nature is love, Nature is affection, Nature is above all FUN !

And in this natural setting you will find Golden Riviera. Where the elements are in harmony, you can by the side of the mellowed down back-water sit and hook fishes with your angling rod, or gently float over the waters on our boats.... Just before returning to the warmth and soothing sounds in your farm house enjoying the drink or the delicious home grown vegitable from your garden.

While you were doing this... Did you know that the kids were discovering the various butterflies and insects.... While planning the trip down the road to the beach and coming back to the splash pool by the park.

Curves.... Slopes... Straight lines... Angles - all fall in place to create this awe inspiring place that will guarantee that you will feel more relaxed, pampered and special.

Welcome to Golden Riviera!

residential plots in ecrPeaceful environs to soothe the soul Golden Riviera is located about just under an hour drive from Thiruvaanmiyur, Chennai, occupying 13 acres of pristine, green lands blessed with the bounty of nature. Within a stone throw lies the serene Backwaters and lush green fields and orchards where you can idle away your time as you begin to fall in love with nature. A host of activities will make you want to jump in joy - boating, fishing and more. Or if you are so inclined, you could just soak in the feeling by a walk in the tree lined streets with the gentle breeze transporting you into a world of tranquillity. Centres of entertainment like Dizzyworld, Crocodile Park and the beach lie in the immediate vicinity. You will be wondering why did you have to wait so long to be over 50 !


Fun in the sun

Golden Riviera is a fun place. When you move in here, it will open up a whole new vista of excitement that would love to be a part of. As a proud member of this premium retirement community here, you automatically become eligible to use Golden Riviera’s Exciting facilities the clubhouse where you can meet up with friends and let your hair down, a workout at the gym to get you back in shape, indulge in activities like Shuttle or handball once in a while! Your children and grand children too would love the extensive facilities to play and have fun, as they go back in envy after meeting you.

Exercise your green thumb! 

A spot of gardening can do wonders to your sense of self worth. Cultivate your piece of land, plant trees, set up a vegetable patch, grow your own stuff. Give it to your community garden or use them in your kitchen .



Opportunity to contribute to the community well being.

Well after all the fun, Some would still get the satisfaction from contributing to the community… Is Life not all about giving back.. You can break a sweat at the community Kitchen, or you can choose a function from the community where you may want to add value to. Contribute and be rewarded for doing so.

Did Some one tell you ??

  • Retirement is Productive !
  • Retirement is Enriching !
  • Retirement is Satisfying !
           and Most Important
  • Retirement is Fun !
  • That your Senior Years are your “Golden Years!

What Is Golden Years @ Golden Riviera ?

  • This is the Beautiful and serene place for your carefree retired Life !
  • Situated in a very scenic locale on the ECR just 50 Kms from Chennai !
  • A Gated Community with all the convenient facilities to make your retired life comfortable and joyful !
  • A retirement community to house over 250 senior couple !
  • Designed to give you the finest personal services in a residential environment !

What Makes Golden Years Unique ?

  • A community of Like Minded Individuals !
  • Equipped with the state of art Medical facilities in-house !
  • Empanelled with the best Doctors and Health Care professionals to take care of you !
  • Provides Home Grown Organic food from the community garden or sourced from organic farms Directly
  • Provides the residents a meaningful life where life will be enjoyed in a community setting where your skills can be used and sharpened
  • Recognizes the fact that “Age is just a number!” that Life Starts after Retirement and provides a platform to have fun while growing younger after 50 !



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